my names KATE EVANS im 17, im from southwales,UK. im a CHEERLEADER i LOVE cheerleading, its more than just a sport, its every individuals passion<3 RSD . just a normal teenage girl, with Dreams&Hopes. im a really emotinol person & i inted to keep my feelings to myself, all people say is i know how you feel, really? you have NO idea what i feel! im a really down to earth girl :) just be true to yourself<3 I LOVE PARISHILTON!!. & i also love transformers got a bit of a nerd spot for it. i like people whos different, different to the other fake bitches in society:) i used to judge a lot of people until i realised what it felt like when others judged you without even knowing you. i hate living in the place im from, i wish i could just move far away... i hate my appearance & my figure i envy way to many girls, jelousy of how pretty they are. I lack so much confdence & thats the most importance thing right? i guess things & memories from my past had an impact on my life & effected me. My blog consists of my thoughts, feelings, emotions & various types of inspiration. my blog relates to how i feel. got anything to ask? message me :) ♀♥

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